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Nutrition Service of Upstate New York

Nutrition Service of Upstate New York provides specialized treatment with a registered dietitian for anyone seeking care for eating disorders, disordered eating, sport nutrition, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, or general nutritional needs.  Nutrition services, including nutrition counseling, is available at all of our office locations.

dietitian talking to a client


Outpatient nutrition services are provided by registered dietitians who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders in addition to a variety of medical conditions and nutritional needs.  

All initial appointments will be held at our Elmira location to complete initial testing and assessments and develop an individuals care plan. 


Following your initial assessment, all follow-up appointments can be held at any of our office locations including Elmira, Liverpool, Vestal, and Ithaca.   


We use a "health at every size" treatment philosophy to create a safe and supportive environment and for anyone dealing with eating disorders, medical conditions, or other nutritional needs to receive the guidance support they need to improve their health and wellbeing.

We use state of the art testing including metabolic testing which measures your metabolism, and body composition analysis.  These non-invasive tests measure how healthy your body is and provide a clear picture of your nutritional status.   

The test results and comprehensive nutritional assessment are used to help develop an individualized meal plan.  Referrals for a full multidisciplinary treatment are also provided if needed.  Visit the FAQ's for more information.



When enrolled in the program you will experience a variety of services including:

  • Nutrition Education

  • Metabolic Testing

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Individualized meal planning based on your body's nutritional needs

  • Counseling with a registered dietitian to work towards your individualized nutritional goals

  • Referrals to community services, support groups, and other resources

  • Case management

  • Referrals to higher levels of care if indicated

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Office Locations

Elmira Office:

Sol Stone Center

1003 Walnut St.

Elmira, NY 14901

Ithaca Office:

950 Danby Rd Suite 205

Ithaca, NY 14850

Liverpool Office:

407 Tulip St.

Liverpool, NY 13088

Vestal Office:

300 Main St. Suite 5

Vestal, NY 13850


Main: (607) 732-5646

Toll Free: (877) 765-7866

Mobile: (607) 732-5646

Fax: (607) 732-0373


Contact Hours

Our programs are available beyond our business hours.  Call us for help!

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