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Hoffman House

The Hoffman House is residential housing for patients currently enrolled in the Partial Hospitalization Program.  It provides a safe haven for individuals during their recover process.  The supportive environment empowers patients to become more independent in recovery. 

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The Hoffman House is fully furnished with all of the comforts of home in order to make your transition as easy as possible.  

Here, you'll feel safe and secure in a warm welcoming environment and find the support you need to recover.


We create a safe and supportive environment and use a strength based, non-judgemental, empowering therapeutic approach.  

We believe it is important for you to have the support you need while still being independent.   That is why residents are expected to self-manage their eating disorders symptoms and behaviors when the partial hospitalization program is not in session.  Our staff are there to support and guide you, while you become more independent in managing your symptoms.



While at the Hoffman House you'll have access to:

  • Support from our staff and other residents in the program

  • Living space to relax while the program is not in session

  • Activities including wifi internet, TV, crafts, games, and ping pong

  • Bedroom, sometimes shared with a roommate

  • Kitchen for preparing meals

  • Dining area for congregate meals if desired

Hoffman House Photo Gallery

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